OUR SERVICES Smart Energy Management Strategies

Power & Natural Gas Procurement

Our team of experts will evaluate your energy needs, and determine the best supplier and energy purchase strategy for your business. We help our clients manage energy price risk exposure and control budgetary uncertainty, while providing transparency throughout the process.

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Reverse Auction

We conduct reverse energy auctions for our clients that are interested in securing energy procurement through the Request for Proposals (RFP) process, which ensures clients get the most competitive price in the market at that time.

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LED Lighting

Goldstar offers exclusive LED lighting products as a means to curtail electric usage and reduce long-term energy costs. We’ve partnered with one of the highest quality global manufacturers to provide the absolute best product in the marketplace for our clients.

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Green Power/RECs

For clients that are concerned about climate change and would like to purchase renewable energy credits (REC’s), the Goldstar team can secure REC’s with an appropriate renewable content mix for you, given your green objectives.

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We provide end-to-end commercial & industrial solar installation management, from an initial feasibility assessment to final solar facilities design and installation, for clients interested in reducing their electricity energy needs.

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Demand Response

Our expert team will identify an appropriate demand response product and provider for clients that are able to reduce their energy requirements during times of power grid stress, while benefiting from an additional revenue stream.

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